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Advanced Contact Form - Extra Fields


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this simple plugin for CubeCart version5 allows you to add as many custom fields to your "Contact Us" form as required.

Simply install the plugin using the install guide which is available in the download file. Add the HTML fields to your contact form and they will be added to the e-mail sent to the store admin.

You simply design your own form for use with your stores skin. Naviage to the /skins//templates/ directory and open the file in your favourite text editor. The code you currently see is the HTML code for your form. Add as many new fields as you require to your form. Make sure you follow the rules below

1) All of your form elements should have a name in the format name="contact[XXX]", replace XXX with the name of your specific field.
2) The form name you use in 1 above should be unique within your form
3) Do not use spaces or special characters in your names


this is a free plugin which can be downloaded from our download page.

Product Code: ADV4DEZZ12

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