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Ebay Sales 1.1.4 Release Notes

Ebay Sales 1.1.4 Release Notes

Ebay sales 1.1.4 contains minor bug fixes. It is recommended that you upgrade to 1.1.4 as soon as possible.


Issues resolved in 1.1.4

  1. Due to a change in version 1.1.3, the Ebay Orders plugin would sometimes present a white screen and not be usable. This is solved in 1.1.4
  2. When listing variation listings, disabled product options would still be sent to ebay. This is solved in 1.1.4
  3. Product variations are now ordered A-Z when added to Ebay rather than random.


Upgrade Instructions

  1. Delete the ebay_sales directory from your stores modules/plugins/ directory and replace it with the 1.1.4 files found in the downloadable zip file.
  2. Naviate to "Manage Hooks" in your store admin area, then click on "ebay_sales", then save. This step enables new hooks added in this release.


Download 1.1.4





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