I thought I would share some of the more complex prominent projcts I've worked on in the past. This isn't a complete list, but a few hand selected a few more memorable items.


I have been asked to integrate CubeCart with Quickbooks Point of Sale to sync a variety of data. The software is successfully deployed and working to sync everything between Quickbooks and CubeCart daily.

This was a complex project which has opened up the capability for me to work with all aspects of Quickbooks, specifically the project added

  • Stock amount sync from Quickbooks to CubeCart
  • Importing customers from CubeCart to Quickbooks
  • Importing Orders and financial information to Quickbooks
  • Sync products from Quickbooks to CubeCart, create new inventory


As I have a lot of experience with Ebay and API's I was approached and asked to develop a totally automated Ebay management solution for a large retailer of tyres in Germany.

The project resulted in a totally automomous Ebay management suite which took care of all of the admin tasks leaving the customer time to handle order fulfilment. The solution:

  • Manages around 30,000 live Ebay listings in real time
  • Pulls live data from suppliers and revises Ebay listings accordingly
  • Adds/Revises and ends Ebay listings to the provided criteria
  • Has a friendly UI for easy management
  • Generates detailed reports for quick stats


I am especially proud of the Ebay solution I've build for CubeCart. Transforming CubeCart into a central stocking location and integrating directly with Ebay to make a refined management and after sales process

the solutions for Ebay are especially complex to develop and have several hundred hours of R&D time invested into them. Ebay Sales & Ebay Orders modules are THE Ebay solution for CubeCart.

  • Ebay Sales
  • Ebay Orders

Hamiltons Logo

I am very proud to have been able to work with Hamiltons the Home Improvement Company Ltd and help create a very bespoke, specialist store with a large number of custom requirements.

This project pushed CubeCart to it's limits which we then extended further to accomodate a lot of the bespoke features needed to make the site function. I'm especially proud of the door selector, a tool build to help customers filter into the product of interest.


All large ecommerce platforms make use of filters to help customers find the products they are interested in. I am very proud to have developed the ONLY fully functional, dynamic filtering system for CubeCart

This was a very difficult module to produce, but offers a whole new way for customers to interact with your products. I invested a lot of time making this the most effecient filtering system possible. for those technical out there, SQl query times are in the thousands of a milisecond with a dataset of over 100,000 products and 400,000 metadata points. If you have complex products with a lot of options, you need this module.

You can see just how powerful this module is for yourself at Hamiltons the Home Improvement Company Ltd


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