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Dynamic Category Content - Auto Populate Categories


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This plugin is only supported in CubeCart 6.

Dynamic Category Content
The dynamic category content module allows you to quickly and easily build new categories and dynamically populate the category with products that match your keywords. The products associated to your dynamic categories update in real time making it a very flexible and powerful solution.

You can dynamically add products to your existing categories or create new categories



  • Requires no CubeCart code edits
  • No limit to the number of keywords you can supply to build your category
  • You can mix dynamic content with your existing static categories
  • You can limit keyword searches to specific categories or cover all existing categories
  • Adds a new tab to the Category edit screen where you can configure the dynamic settings

You can try this plugin before you buy, simply download the plugin and a 1 week trial begins. Should you wish to use the plugin after the demo has expired you will require a valid license.

Product Code: DYNTDHLM73

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