Ebay Orders 1.1.4 Release Notes

Ebay Orders 1.1.4 Release Notes

Ebay orders 1.1.4 contains minor bug fixes and enhancements. It is recommended that you upgrade to 1.1.4 as soon as possible.


Issues resolved in 1.1.4

  1. When importing more than 100 orders in a single pull from Ebay, additional pages wouldn't get processed. This has been resolved in this version.
  2. Further minor enhancements to the underlying code of the plugin to improve performance and increase effeciency.
  3. When installing the plugin for the first time not all database tables would be installed with the correct database collation. They now get created correctly.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Delete the ebay_orders directory from your stores modules/plugins/ directory and replace it with the 1.1.4 files found in the downloadable zip file.

Download 1.1.4

Download 1.1.4_plugin_ebay_orders.zip


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