Ebay Sales 2.0.2 Release Notes

Ebay Sales 2.0.2 Release Notes

Ebay sales 2.0.2 contains major bug fixes. It is recommended that you upgrade to 2.0.2 as soon as possible.


Issues resolved in 2.0.2

  1. the hidden "SKU" field which is populated with the product code for variations was not being populated. This meant any variation orders couldn't be mapped in Ebay Orders and stock levels could not be updated within Ebay Sales. This is now resolved

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Delete the ebay_sales directory from your stores modules/plugins/ directory and replace it with the 2.0.2 files found in the downloadable zip file.
  2. This next step is optional, but highly recommended if you use product options. End any active Ebay listing that uses variations and re-list the item using version 2.0.2 of Ebay Sales. This will populate the SKU fields correctly and allow stock level updates and order imports to work correctly again

Download 2.0.2

Download 2.0.2_plugin_ebay_sales.zip




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