Ebay Sales 2.0.4 Release Notes

Ebay Sales 2.0.4 Release Notes

Ebay sales 2.0.4 contains enhancements. It is recommended that you upgrade to 2.0.4 as soon as possible.


Enhancements in 2.0.4

  1. A performance enhancement has been added, targeted specifically at stores with a large number of products. Pagination has been added to the "Inventory Settings" tab. 400 items per page are now displayed. This greatly improves the page load times and responsiveness of the plugin in large stores.


Upgrade Instructions

  1. Delete the ebay_sales directory from your stores modules/plugins/ directory and replace it with the 2.0.4 files found in the downloadable zip file.


Download 2.0.4

Download 2.0.4_plugin_ebay_sales.zip




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