Ebay Sales 3.0.8 Release Notes

Ebay Sales 3.0.8 Release Notes

Ebay sales 3.0.8 contains fixes, enhancements and new features. It is recommended that you upgrade to 3.0.8 as soon as possible.



  1. General code improvements, large functions split into additional files for easier management
  2. When revising items the module now looks at active listings only, previously the module would loop all older listings which isn't as efficient. This is built on improvements made within the module in an earlier release
  3. When editing or creating a HTML template the module will now list all valid image sizes based on your active store theme and cache settings. Previously it would show only a handful of image sizes based on assumed default values. 


Issues resolved

  1. The Ebay tab which shows up at the product edit level may have appeared on other screens in the admin area. This is now fixed and displays correctly
  2. A user defined, description override would be ignored if a product was revised. During revision the original description would be added to the product. This is now resolved.
  3. When a non-variation listing was being revised with a stock level of 0, the module would try and revise the quantity to NULL. This resulted in an Ebay API Error. it is now working correctly. this allows sellers to make use of the Ebay out of stock feature if opted in via Ebay, and have end listings disabled within the module.
  4. When editing a product the save button may not be vsible. this is resolved
  5. If an option has a price greater than 999.99 and the price is being marked up using a percentage the number would be currency formatted, for example 1000 becomes 1,000. This caused invalid prices for expensive items. This is now resolved
  6. Only images in descriptions with a jpg extension had been supported, but now all image types are supported


Upgrade Instructions

  1. Delete the ebay_sales directory from your stores modules/plugins/ directory and replace it with the files found in the downloadable zip file.








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