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Link CubeCart Products to Specific Shipping Services


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This plugin is only supported in CubeCart 6.

Link CubeCart Products to Specific Shipping Services

Link CubeCart Products to Specific Shipping Services plugin allows you to use multiple shipping modules, but return a single shipping price to your customer. 

This solution comes in two parts. The first part is a CubeCart Plugin. The plugin adds new configuration options to your store admin area which allows you to define any product level shipping overrides.

The second part of the solution is the shipping module. The shipping moule returns the total shipping price to your customer.  You can configure the "Default" shipping module to use for shipping prices within this shipping module, which in essence means that any product that does not have any shipping module overrides defined will use your defined default shipping module.

Every store is different and defines their shipping costs in different ways. Should you require any CUSTOM shipping logic defined please open a support ticket. Shipping modules can be developed/enhanced to suit your specific needs should you not be able to find the right solution.



  • Requires no CubeCart code edits.
  • Split a customer order across multiple shipping services and combine the shipping prices to give your customer a single shipping price.

You can try this plugin before you buy, simply download the plugin and a 1 week trial begins. Should you wish to use the plugin after the demo has expired you will require a valid license.

Product Code: LINKVDB228

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