Multi Level Shipping by Quantity - Product & Category Level

Multi Level Shipping by Quantity - Product & Category Level
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Multi Level Shipping by Quantity allows you to be in control of your shipping costs either at a product level, category level or combination of both.

The purchase of this plugin includes 6 months of Maintenance and Support. Full details about our Maintenance & support can be found on our Maintenance & support pages.

Product Level

Product level configuration is the top level. You can configure the shipping rates for each product based on the quantity of the item purchased. For example If your configuration was as follows:

Product A


If your customer purchased just one of your items, the price charged for shipping would be £5. If your customer purchased two items, the price charged would be 2 x £2, making the shipping cost £4.

If your product has no rates defined, then the shipping module will check the category level.


Category Level

Much like the product level, a rate table is applied on a per category basis. For example if your configured rates were as follows:

Category A


Category B


And your customer purchases 2 items from Category A, and 3 items from Category B. The shipping cost would be as follows.

2 x Items in Category A
2 x £2 = £4

3 x Items in Category B
3 x £0.30 = £0.90

Total shipping cost: £4.90

If you do not configure any product or category rates then a default rate table is used.


Default Rate

The default rate table is only used if the products in the basket have no product level rates, or category level rates applied to them. We take the total number of product remaining in the basket and apply them to the rate table, for example if you configured your rate table as follows:


And your customer had 2 items remaining in their basket which we had no shipping cost for, we would use the rate £0.75, so 2 x £0.75 = £1.50. The total cost of shipping would be £1.50


Mix & Match

You can combine the rate tables across all levels to calculate the total shipping cost. Here is a more complex example using the rate tables defined above.

Within your customers basket are the following items.

2 x Product A

3 x Product B (From category A)

1 x Product C (From category B)

2 x Product D (No product or Category rates configured)


The cost would be calulated as follows

2x Product A:  2 x £2 = £4
3x Product B:  3 x £1 = £3
1x Product C:  1 x £0.50 = £0.50
2x Product D:  2 x £0.75 = £1.50

Total Shipping Cost: £4 + £3 + £0.50 + £1.50 = £9


Additional Features

  • The name of the shipping service is configurable allowing you to control the name of the shipping service the customer can see
  • Integrates fully with the CubeCart tax rules
  • Supported in both CubeCart 5 & CubeCart 6
  • Define an unlimited number of quantity and rates
  • Rates and Quantity can be edited directly

this plugin & shipping module require no code edits. Simply place the files contained within the downloadable zip file in the modules directory on your store.


This module is available for trial in your store for a period of 1 week from the time of install. Should you decide to keep using the modules after the demo period a license is required.



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