Show Prices With And Without Tax (VAT) 1.0.7 Release Notes

Show Prices With And Without Tax (VAT) 1.0.7 Release Notes

Show Prices With And Without Tax 1.0.7 is a major overhaul of the module which contains important fixes and improvements.


  1. The core of the module has been entirely rebuilt to resolve design flaws in the initial versions
  2. This version adds support for the Sale Items box
  3. Documentation has been updated and a new copy/paste example has been provided


  1. Some screens may malform prices if the product price is over 1000
  2. Option prices would not display correctly when forcing a tax view

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Delete the "prices_with_and_without_tax" directory from your stores modules/plugins/ directory and replace it with the files found in the downloadable zip file.


Download 1.0.7



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