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Show Prices with and without TAX (VAT)


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This plugin is only supported in CubeCart 6.

Show prices with and without tax for CubeCart

Show prices with and without tax is an exciting new plugin which gives you full control over how you display your pricing to customers. You can choose to display all of your prices including tax, excluding tax via options in the plugin.

The plugin also makes available a selection of new smarty variables which can be used in your store skin. Using these new variables it is possible to display your prices to your customers exactly how you would like.

The plugin supports your customer groups (if you use them) and will dynamically show your customer the prices including and excluding tax specific to them.

You can also add a box / menu to your website and allow your customers to select the prices they wish to see, tax inclusive of tax excluded.


  • Requires no CubeCart core code edits
  • Can choose to display all of your prices including tax
  • Can choose to display all of your prices excluding tax
  • Makes new smarty template variables available for use in your store skin designs giving you full control of how your prices look.
  • Shows the prices based upon your store tax rules
  • Customer groups are supported
  • Works with all pricing areas of CubeCart, such as Latest Products, Categories product list, viewing a product, product options, featured procudes, populat products / best sellers.
  • Allows customers to choose to see prices including or excluding tax


If you are not familiar with editing your store skin and would like assistance please open a support ticket. Depending on your requirements we can edit your store skin for you.

If you require assistance installing this plugin then you may be interested in our install service.




You can try this plugin before you buy, simply download the plugin and a 1 week trial begins. Should you wish to use the plugin after the demo has expired you will require a valid license.

Product Code: SHOA6MNS65

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