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Store Locator Plugin for CubeCart 5 & 6


Product Information

This plugin is only supported in CubeCart version 5 and 6.

Store Locator Description
The store locator module allows you to add a searchable map to any number of pages within your store. Your customers can enter their location, such as post code or zip code. The plugin then searches your list of stores looking for matches. If any matches are found a google map is drawn and the locations added.  The module contains an "Install Guide" tab which details how the module works and includes sample code which can be copied and pasted into a CubeCart document for quick setup.

You can manage the searchable locations within the plugin, adding as many locations as you require. You can add the following information about each location:

  • Name
    The name given to the location. The name is displayed within the market on the map on the first line, it is highlighted in bold.
  • Address
    The address of the office or location you wish to highlight. This address is for display purposes only, it is not required for geo-location. This information is displayed to the customer below the name field within the map marker.
  • Latitude
    The latitude coordinates for the location. This is used to match locations, it is not displayed on the map
  • Longitude
    The longitude coordinates for the location. This is used to match locations, it is not displayed on the map
  • Phone Number
    The phone number for the store. You do not need to supply a phone number, however if you do it is added as a new line within the map marker.
  • Website Address
    If your locations have their own websites you can link them using this field. Add the full URL, it will be converted into a clickable link within the map marker and added to a new line. If no URL is provided the line is not added to the map marker.
  • Custom Information
    You may wish to add some custom information about your locations. Any information added in this section will be displayed on a new line within the map marker. If no custom information is provided the line is not added to the map marker.



  • Requires no CubeCart code edits
  • Create as many locations as you require
  • Uses google maps and the google maps API so your maps are always up to date
  • Matched locations are highlighted as markers on the map
  • Default map location can be configured. this is the location the customer is taken when the map is first loaded.
  • Default zoom level of the map can be configured
  • You can add maps to any CubeCart document or directly to your store skin template files if you wish
  • The list of searchable radius sizes are defined within the module, giving you full control of the options your customers have available

You can try this plugin before you buy, simply download the plugin and a 1 week trial begins. Should you wish to use the plugin after the demo has expired you will require a valid license.


Product Code: STO4TOH729

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