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Tax Exempt Customers - Allow customers to opt into a tax free group


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Noodlemans Tax Exempt Customers Plugin for CubeCart

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This plugin allows your customers to register themselves as tax exempt and avoid paying tax such as VAT.

The customer is added to a customer group. You can set exVAT or tax free prices for the customer groups, thus define which products are tax exempt. Existing users, and new users are given the oppertunity to opt into the tax exempt group if they have not already done so.

New in version 1.0.3, customers can now print and sign a declaration form for each order. The declaration meets the requirements of HMRC. Further screenshots of the declaration pages are available in the product images.

Feature List:

  • New users can opt into the customer group "Tax Exempt Customers" when registering for a new account
  • Existing customers can opt into the "Tax Exempt Customers" group
  • Once opted into the group, prices are displayed according to your tax rules
  • Admin can easily remove people from the customer group
  • A message can be displayed on any product page where a tax free option is available
  • The registration form input can be worded however you choose
  • Capture customer tax free declarations
  • highly configurable declaration forms
  • Printable friendly declaration forms



Video Overview (version 1.0.1)

Product Code: TAXNY5TP2

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Andy Davies

Excellent plugin and does exactly what it says on the tin. Speedy development of this plugin alongside great communication and support. Highly recommended. : )

Andy Davies :: 12 Jul 2013, 10:11

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