UPS Advanced Multi Box Contract Shipping Module

UPS Advanced Multi Box Contract Shipping Module
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Noodlemans Advanced UPS shipping module & Plugin for CubeCart 5.


The purchase of this plugin includes 6 months of Maintenance and Support. Full deatils about ourMaintenance & support can be found on our Maintenance & support pages.

This plugin is available from our downloads page, however you will not be able to use the plugin without a valid license.

Feature List:

  • Get UPS rates using your UPS contract
  • Split up large orders into multiple boxes and get shipping rates based on the total cost of all boxes rather than the total weight
  • Add small items into large single boxes to save shipping costs if you wish
  • Supported in over 80 countries
  • Domestic & Internaltional delivery services
  • Configure single box products with packing dimensions for more accurate shipping quotes
  • Add extra packing weight to each box to give more accurate shipping quotes
  • Add a handling cost per order
  • Tax options
  • Choose the packing material type to get more accurate shipping quotes
  • Specify box dimensions in either Centimeters or Inches
  • Select your pickup type to get a more accurate shipping quote
  • Add a % increase or reduction to the total shipping cost
  • Add a handling cost per box, or only for items configured as "ship in single box".

Video Overview

This advanced shipping module allows you to get the most accurate UPS shipping rates, taking advantage of your UPS contract rates. You can also split your customers order into multiple boxes and get a shipping price based on the total consignment.

This solution comes in two seperate modules. The first is a store plugin which gives you access to UPS settings when editing a product as seen in the screenshot below.

The second is the actual shipping module itself which communicates with the UPS API and gets the shipping rates, as seen below.



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