UPS MultiItems / UPS Delivery 1.0.7 Release Notes

UPS Multi Items (UPS Delivery) 1.0.7 Release Notes

UPS Multi Items (UPS Delivery) 1.0.7 contains minor bug fixes and enhancements. It is recommended that you upgrade to 1.0.7 as soon as possible.


Issues resolved in 1.0.7

  1. The UPS MultiItem plugin would not always play nice with other plugins, so it has been renamed to UPSNultiItems and enhanced to resolve this issue.
  2. The UPS Error log would never show any errors, now showing correctly
  3. Frequent errors in the CubeCart error log related to the UPS Error database table. Now corrected
  4. Enhanced the code to work with CubeCart 6

New Features added in 1.0.7

  1. License engine has been upgraded and now offers more advanced information.
  2. After installing the plugin a Demo license is applied and is valid for 1 week. This allows full, unlimited access to the plugin features during this time.
  3. CubeCart cache is now fully supported
  4. The skin within the shipping module has been improved to surpress warning messages when in debug mode
  5. General code improvements within the Plugin & Shipping module
  6. When the license is invalid, instead of showing "Not Available" as a delivery option, no option is now shown.
  7. Added license status overview to the shipping module
  8. No code edits are required to use this plugin, it is now 100% native to CubeCart.


Upgrade Instructions

  1. Delete the UPSMultiItem directory from your stores modules/plugins/ directory and replace it with the 1.0.7 files found in the downloadable zip file.
  2. Delete the UPS_Delivery directory from your stores modules/shipping/ directory and replace it with the 1.0.7 files found in the downloadable zip file.
  3. After upgrading you may find the information under the "UPS" tab at the product level is duplicated, in this scenario you can disable the "Noodleman :: Navigation" hook to resolve the issue. Alternatively you can remove the edits made to your store admin skin to hard code the options originally.
  4. refresh the hooks by navigating to "Manage Hooks --> UPS MultiItems" and pressing SAVE.
  5. You may need to reapply you license number and general configuration within the plugin after this update. Please review the settings.

Download 1.0.7





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